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Application iLifesaver protects you in case of unexpected life situations or various activities. In case of emergency, based on your application settings, iLifesaver sends SMS including your position to pre-defined phone numbers, and thus informs your family, friends or others (e.g. emergency service) about a life- threatening situation to yourself.


Rejoice in safety by having your lifesaver with you all the time.

You are mountain biking in the forest and you have phone with active iLifesaver application. Skid, fall, crash. You are hurt, shaken, and with restricted mobility. You entered the following parameters into the application before your ride: in case of no movement of the phone for two minutes send a SMS message with the pre-defined message and GPS coordinates with your current location in the following order 1. wife, 2. father, 3. friend and/or others. In case of you stopping to get refreshment the application will notify you by warning sound. The application needs to be paused and will be automatically activated upon resuming the activity.

1 2 3


The lifesaver is not just a red and white ring; it is your soul.

Contact Center is direct link of iLifesaver application with digital automatic exchange and web interface. Contact Center automatically keeps track of all parameters set and all SMS messages. The Contact Center also enables an automatic identification of a caller, shows important information about a caller in emergency, and subsequently provides assistance.

The following services are available depending on the parameters defined by user – overall statistics about activities, calls history to the Contact Center including overview of the application usage.

27 users
22 users
23 users
Great Britain
16 users
Czech republic
39 users
21 users
New Zeland
18 users


To be a member means not to be alone.

A membership guarantees 24/7 service of the Contact Center.

iLifesaver enables to select from three different types of membership:

  • FREE - restricted functionality to only one user and only one emergency email contact
  • Single 8.26 USD/month, registration of one user
  • Single 82.56 USD/year, registration of one user
  • Family 24.71 USD/month, registration of four users
  • Family 247.11 USD/year, registration of four users

All data from the users are highly secured and won’t be provided to any third party or any other institution.

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